I am not a natural rider. I have seen professionals ride better after 3 beers than I ever will.  True story: that actually happened to me once as a working student; watching my former Olympian riding instructor get smashed and then piaff with her baby finger. O the weird journey the horse world can be.

Likely similar to you – horses were in my blood from an early age. Though I started riding in weekly lessons at 6, my parents thought that this whole horse thing was a “phase”. They decided to wait it out.

They are still waiting.

I was not one of those girls that was lucky enough to have a pony. I worked to ride – and I still do.

These early horse dreams created a voracious desire to create enough money to have them, and so, I did.

I am now blessed to have three amazing horses. I absolutely love them! They truly bring me so much joy. My newest horse-hope is that my 2-year old son will share this horse passion with me.

Riding has also brought me some of the most amazing relationships of my life. The barn-bond can run deep, and has served a backbone of strength when other parts of my life have fallen apart.

I do not claim to be a riding expert or instructor. That is not the value of the voice that I bring.

You will find business growth articles here at Haute Rider because that is one of the ways that I can give back to our community. I want to empower you with expertise to create income with digital media.

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