I bought a horse off of the internet site unseen and let me get to the punchline: He is amazing. This story had a happy ending, and I learned a few things during this journey that I would like to share if you decide to travel that road.

A little background. After losing my horse the year before, my grief finally started to lift.  While no horse could ever replace my beloved Zorro, I decided it was time to look for another.

What I was looking for was a young talented high-quality dressage prospect. As an amateur – I wanted a great temperament. I also had a tight budget. So basically: I wanted Talent + Temperament at a great price. AKA: A Unicorn….a pink one.  Add to that I was in the middle of a rigorous work cycle, and was raising my 1-year old son.  I wasn’t going to get on a plane to look at a horse.  So now put that pink unicorn in another country.  That’s where I was at.

We all know horse purchasing comes with risks, but that risk is shifting somewhat with the rise of digital media. We can get videos rapidly, and even in real time. Research on bloodlines, breeders, and brokers is at our fingertips.  I put my big-girl pants on and dived into YouTube!

My trainer and I started to send videos back and forth. There were so many great choices.  Video after Video – I said “Nope”.  “Nope…nope…nope…”  On and on this went.  Over 100 videos later, I was driving my trainer nuts.  You see, because on top of wanting my (Pink) Unicorn, I also wanted it to be THE HORSE.

One such video was yet another gorgeous big moving young prospect. He trotted at the end of the lunge with his big lofty gates, and when asked to stop – he stopped and looked to the handler for approval. That look – was the same look that my gelding used to give me, and (BOOM), I knew he was the right horse.


There is an emotional connection with my horses. Similar to meeting a new friend that you just immediately want to hang-out with; I need to gel with the horse.  I needed to trust myself that I knew what I was looking for and chose not to be swayed away from that.

When he arrived, and the first time I saw him – I had the same feeling. I just knew.  This young horse, who I named Bronson is a star. Amazing temperament, great movement, and his budding show career has great scores.  So, would I do it again? YES.

So here is my list of things I learned from this process:

  • Know what you are looking for. – have a VERY clear image of what you want.
  • Believe that it exists – I’m not much for the whole ‘The Secret’ secret thing, but I knew with certainty that somewhere in this wide world of ours there was a horse that matched my needs. I KNEW he (or she) was out there waiting for me.
  • Be OPEN to it not looking the way you think you want it to – may seem contradictory to #1, but if I’ve learned anything it’s that the universe has a sense of humor. Roll with it.
  • Trust your gut, and don’t settle. – if you don’t feel it 100%, let it pass and move on.
  • Be patient – It take a while for the universe to move, give it time.

So, if you choose to go that road, good luck and hopefully you too and find your very own pink unicorn!

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