Forty-five days into the launch of Haute Rider, we have been read by more than 30,000 equestrians. That’s a lot of passionate horse people!

More than that, there are some other attributes and commonalities among Haute Riders that are very cool. I thought I would take a moment to share with you some of what I have learned from you thus far. Yes- learned from- YOU!


Not only do Haute Riders love funny posts and videos, but you love engaging in humorous banter with one another. The tagging of a horse friend quickly turns into inside-jokes, and there is a lot of love there.

Often, I will be reading comments on my phone while standing in line at Starbucks, and bust out laughing. You are hilarious.


You response, feedback, and comments are almost always positive. Especially with one another. You have positive things to say- and you share posts and articles with your barn friends because you genuinely think they would benefit.


You definitely prefer LIGHTER content. The more serious pieces that we have done on veterinary issues and soundness for example, have not been something that you have responded to.


You love pretty photos! Whether on Instagram or Facebook- you like pictures that have an “aww” factor. This includes pictures of pretty tack, barns, arenas, and historical movie stars.


O Haute Riders….you are a sweet bunch! I have seen you suggest that your husband should be featured as one of our ‘Hunks and Their Humans’ series, or sent one of our pictures to a friend of yours that is hurting as a virtual hug.

Thanks for a great first forty-five days, Haute Riders! We look forward to creating more content for you that is exactly what you want. You are truly inspiring! Keep up the goodness!

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