Special gifts ideas are hard to think of, especially for equestrians/people stuck with equestrians. We (the whole Haute Rider team, including Horse Hubby) put our heads together to come up with unique gifts for your horsey peeps. Funny, thoughtful, customized, cozy, yummy, cheap, pricey, DIY… you name it, we got it!

Under $20

  • Christmas is freaking expensive – we get it. Here’s some ideas that won’t break the bank.
  • Framed photos of you and your horse: more for family members than your trainer, they’re probably a bit sick of seeing your face by now TBH.
  • Car wash coupons, because what horse person DOESN’T need this? Funny, practical and thoughtful, the gifting trifecta!
  • Moisture wicking socks: Sounds boring, but they will thank you every time they put them on. We recommend SmartWool… yes, they are fully worth the twenty dollar price tag.
  • The ridiculously expensive fly spray/tail detangler/coat conditioner/leather soap that smells amazing, but they just can’t justify buying for themselves.
  • A set of “Barn Bitch” coupons, for stall mucking, tack cleaning, boot polishing, braiding, clipping, lesson filming… just don’t go overboard, or you’ll have yourself a full-time job.
  • A helmet hair kit: dry shampoo, elastics, hairnets, headbands, bobby pins, all in a cute cosmetics case!
  • Cookies for horses and humans, in separate gift baggies.

For the Horse Hubby/Show Mom/Awesome Significant Other

Okay, these people deserve medals and/or extra amazing gifts!

  • Barn boots: think Hunters, Blundstones, Dubarry’s. They put up with a lot, the least you can do is make sure their feet are dry. Also applicable for barn managers, grooms and trainers!
  • A nice folding chair so they can watch your endless lessons in comfort.
  • Nice leather gloves. See “boots” above. Gorgeous coat would also work well!
  • Smaller stocking stuffers include their own lead rope in their favorite color, monogrammed baseball caps, boot warmers.
  • For the ones who are really into filming/shooting your lessons and shows, camera equipment like tripods, special bags and extra memory cards are gifts that also sneakily benefit you. Hopefully they don’t notice.

If you’re still needing more ideas, searching “equestrian gifts” on Etsy yields no less than two hundred and fifty pages of results. Vintage jewellery, bookmarks, custom portraits… you name it!

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